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Defines the torque-error collision procedure. TE > TEMAX stopping of the axis is done according to:

1 (IMMEDIATE) – Immediate stop, using maximum deceleration.

2 (ONPATH) – Immediate stop, using maximum deceleration, on the path of the motion. This is useful for stopping group motion so that all axes remain on the original path of travel during the stop. For a single axis, the IMMEDIATE and ONPATH types of stop are the same.

3 (ENDMOTION) – No Stop profile. immediately disabling the axis.

4 (ABORT) – Same as ONPATH.

5 (DecStopOnPath) – The stopping profile uses the DecStop value.

[3, 4 and 5, below as in .STOPTYPE:]

3 (ENDMOTION) – Stop at the end of the current motion command.

4 (ABORT) – Stop the current motion immediately and proceed to start next motion. Only the accepted motion commands are stopped. The commands following this type of stop will be executed regularly.

5 (DecStopOnPath) – The stopping procedure is started immediately according to DecStop value. This parameter is modal so its value must be updated before executing the motion command.

If TorqueErrorStopType is IMMEDIATE(1), ONPATH(2), ABORT(4) or DecStopOnPath(5), the axis is disabled only if the condition  TE > TEMAX is also true after the stopping profile ends.

If TorqueErrorStopType is ENDOFMOTION(3), the axis is always and immediately disabled when the condition TE > TEMAX is detected.

In both instances, disable is done according to the values of TorqueErrorDisableType.

Short form



?<axis>. TorqueErrorStopType


Since Version 4.5.x




0 to 5




Configuration, Task or Terminal


  • Read/Write
  • Modal only



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