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ControlStudio Overview

ControlStudio software is a development tool for motion applications. It contains a programming editor, data recorder, debugger and monitoring tools.

  • ControlStudio is the integrated development environment (IDE) for the softMC.
  • Used to write programs (tasks), debug tasks, record data.
  • Graphical user interface.
  • Provides a command line interface (terminal) to the softMC

ControlStudio gui components.png

IP Configurator

IP Configurator Intro

The IP Configurator tool helps you define a new (static) IP address, or determine an unknown IP address of the softMC.

To use the IP Configurator, the following are required:

  • Computer running ControlStudio
  • sofMC 3 | softMC 7 | softMC 703
  • Ethernet cable for connection between your network and the softMC
  • Serial cable for connection between the softMC and the host computer
  • DC power supply for the softMC

The host PC’s IP address must be in the same subnet as the addresses in the ControlStudio IP pool.

To change the IP address:
  • The softMC 703 must be connected to the host computer by means of a USB-RS485 converter cable.
  • Other softMC 3 and softMC 7 models must be connected to the host computer by means of a USB-RS232 converter cable.

IP Configuration Procedure

To configure a static IP address for the softMC, perform the following procedure.

  1. Make sure the softMC is connected to the power supply, to the network (Ethernet cable), and to the computer COM port (serial cable from softMC COM1 port).

  2. Activate ControlStudio.

  3. In ControlStudio, open the Controller Monitor pane at the right side of the screen.
    The pane displays a list of devices connected to your network and their IP addresses. in the IP Address column indicates that the IP address of the softMC is not configured, or cannot be detected.

    IP 1.png

  4. Determine a suitable IP address in your network for the softMC configuration.
    Check with the network manager of your site for a usable IP address.
    Also get the details for Subnet Mask and Default Geteway.

  5. In ControlStudio, open the Tools menu, and select IP Configurator.

    IP 2.png

    The IP Configurator prompt appears.

    IP 6.png

  6. If you know the IP address of the softMC, press Yes.
    (If you do not know the IP address, skip to Step 7.)

    The Connect via Network dialog box opens.
    Enter the required information in all 3 fields, and press Connect.

    IP 7.png

    The softMC will now appear in the Controller Monitor pane with the new IP address, ready for connection.
    Continue at Step 8 - Set IP dialog box.

  7. If you do not know the IP address of the softMC, press No.

    The Connect via COM dialog box opens, and prompts you to connect the softMC COM1 port to the computer.

    IP 8.png

    If you cannot identify the COM1 port, press Where is my COM port? The software will display image to help you locate the correct port.

    IP 9.png

    If the softMC is connected properly, press Connect.

    The Select COM Device dialog box opens, and prompts you to select the serial port on your PC that is connected to the softMC.
    Select the correct serial port, and press Connect.

    IP 10.png

  8. The Set IP dialog box opens.

    IP 11.png

  9. Chose either one of the options:

    (A) Select the option Obtain an IP address automatically to connect to an IP address that the network provides, and press Apply.
    You can press Show Config to view the IP address details.

    IP 12.png

    (B) Select the option Static IP address to configure a user-defined address (defined in Step 4), enter the required info in the fields, and press Apply.

    IP 14.png

  10. Once the IP address has been configured, the IP Configurator prompts you to reboot the softMC so that the changes will take effect.
    Press Yes to confirm.

    IP 15.png

    After the reboot, you can close the IP Configurator.

  11. In the Controller Monitor pane, you can now see and connect to the softMC that uses this IP address.

    IP 16.png

SSH Terminal


Getting Started

This manual is under the assumption that the ControlStudio already connected to a robot or a simulator.

step 1 - At the menu bar, under the Tools tab - choose the SSH Terminal button.

SSH 1.png

step 2 - A new window will be opened. In this window you need to confirm the folowing:

  • IP address that belong to your robot/simulator.
  • Your username and password to access your robot/simulator.
SSH 2.png

step 3 - Back to the menu bar, under the view tab - choose the SSH Terminal button.

SSH 3.png

step 4 - The SSH Terminal interface will be opend, ready for yout commands.

SSH 4.png


In this example we use the ls command - that provide list of files in the current working directory.

The SSH Terminal operated by Linux commands.

Step 1 - In the SSH terminal window add the command you want to activated, and press the enter button.

SSH 5.png

Step 2 - In the same window, you will get the information you asked for.

SSH 6.png

MC Authentication


softMC Authentication provide you a security and safety tool, which define password to working softMC. This system prevent situation that while working with system controlled by softMC and ControlStudio, someone else connect to your system and move it. Duplicate connection can cause in some scenario serious accident or injury, and can prevent using this manual.

Authentication Set-Up

To activate Authentication system you should import "C" subroutine called USER_ES_PASSW as shown bellow.
After import the subroutine you can define password for your softMC by using - ?USER_ES_PASSW("*****").
Replace ***** with your own password, in String format.

Step to set-up:
At your ControlStudio terminal send the following commands:

-->IMPORT_C USER_ES_PASSW(ByVal as String) as long  'activated the subroutine
-->?USER_ES_PASSW("Hello")                          'define new password
If you receive back "0" from softMC (at terminal) - new password definition complete. In case of an error you will receive an error message.

In this case we define new password ("Hello") for our softMC. Now it's necessary to define the chosen password to ControlStudio:

  1. At ControlStudio open Settings window.
  2. Under Controller Monitor label you will find MC Authent. pwd.. Put your new password at the right side of the parameter. Step out of the setting window
    Authen 1.png
  3. At the bar menu go to: Tools MC Authentication, and press the button.
    Authen 2.png
  4. Now your softMC protected with a password which you choose.

From now on users which connect to your softMC and want to send any commands to your system using ControlStudio, needs to put the right password the way explained to make any change.

Not Allowed Users

Not allowed users will receive the following message:

DEV Err 0x00030027: Error:  5053, "Password authentication required", Task: ,tEthernInp0, Line: none, Module: Entry_Station

In this situation the user will be able to get information about the system like positions, velocities, system parameters etc. But won't be able to rewrite any system parameter.
For example:
Authen 3.PNG

In this example user get information about axis status, but can't change this status.