IEC 61131 Introduction

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CODESYS and Compliance with PLCopen IEC 61131-3 Codesys Logo.svg.png

Engineers can now accelerate and simplify software development and maintenance in a familiar, industry-standard environment
As software becomes a more significant component of industrial-automation applications, attention is shifting toward ways to accelerate and improve the quality of software development and maintenance. But having to learn a vendor-specific development environment for each type of automation hardware adds to complexity and impedes progress. Developers prefer a comprehensive development methodology that simplifies accurate software creation while enabling them to program any hardware in a familiar, proven environment.

CODESYS has become the most widely used answer to the needs of industrial-automation developers. Not only is CODESYS compliant with PLCopen’s IEC 61131-3 standard, but it provides an easy-to-learn environment and a very wide array of built-in capabilities to speed software development and maintenance. Furthermore, it is the environment-of-choice of thousands of application developers across the globe.

Servotronix adopts CODESYS

Servotronix has added support for the popular CODESYS to its industry-leading softMC motion controllers. Now, developers can realize the benefits of Servotronix motion-control solutions in their familiar development environment. This combination will result in faster delivery of the growing software component of motion control applications according to industry standards with the productivity of Servotronix hardware. Servotronix delivers additional value by providing numerous helpful, practical examples of best software development practices.


It’s easy to get started with CODESYS and Servotronix softMC motion controllers. Customers can order the complete package directly from Servotronix. The package includes everything needed to create and maintain leading automation solutions:

  • softMC motion controller hardware
  • CODESYS runtime
  • softMC library for CODESYS (softMC PLCopen, CLI command line interface, I/O)
  • ControlStudio™ with Configurator GUI software
  • User Guide
  • Helpful examples of ladder logic diagrams (LD) and structured text (ST): I/O flip-flop, motor jog, motor move - absolute and relative, and much more


Following show typical diagram
Codesys softMC diagramV2.png