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  • If executed in a mode different than TORQUEMODE a note will be thrown, but the command will be executed as usual
  • Interpolates torque command (TCMD) value from its initial value to the given torque value. The interpolation is done using the value of min(TorqueChangeRatio,TorqueChangeRatioMax) value as a rate of TCMD value change. No additional smoothing is done.
  • The torque interpolation is done using same mechanisms as motion interpolation. Depending on the value of <axis>.StartType the interpolation will start after the previous torque command was given or immediately (same rules as move command).The value of inpos for the starttype will be ignored and GCOMP will be used instead.
  • During execution the value of isMoving will be nonzero. Values of axis PCMD, VCMD, ACCELCOMMAND are not affected.

Short form



Torque <axis> <Torque Value> {TorqueChangeRatio=<value>} {TorqueChangeRatioMax=<value>} {StartType = Generator-Completed, Immediate, Super-Immediate}


Since Version 4.9.0


<Torque Value> - double


Torque Ax1 10.1 StartType=Immediate

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