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Kino-Dynamic Straight Line move command. Straight line moment that uses maximum available joint capabilities (VNAX,AMAX,JMAX).The path is a straight line from current position to the given target position.

  • Syntax is similar to MOVES command
  • Not available on all robot modes!
  • No constant cartesian velocity phase.
  • Cartesian motion parameters: Vmtran, Vtran, Vmrot, Vrot, Amtran, Atran, Amrot, Arot, Dtran, Drot, Jmtran, Jtran, Jmrot, Jrot DO NOT INFLUENCE the movement.
  • Only Vrate, Arate and Jrate values (of axes, robot and system) can influence the movement.


MOVESKD {<robot>} <target point> {Optional Nodal properties}


from 4.9.10


  • Works with Trapeze-Acceleration profile only! (PrfType = 2).
  • Implemented on Speed-Picker(Traverse Arm) and SCARA robot models only.
  • Does not support CP Blending mode (BlendingMethod = 1).


MOVESKD Picker1 #{0,300,0,0}

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