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The following example demonstrates the set up of a simple TCP-IP server.

The server opens a socket and blocks on "Accept" until a client gets connected. Then an exchange of messages takes place and the server closes the connection and terminates:

program 'continue

	dim str1 as string
	dim Test_str as string

		OpenSocket Options=1 as #1
	catch 5043 'socket is already open
		print "socket 1 is already open. closing an reopening"
		close #1
		OpenSocket Options=1 as #1
	End Try

	Test_str="Server sending test string"

	Accept(#1, 6001)

	sleep 100
	print #1,Test_str; 'send
	sleep 200
	str1=input$(loc(1),#1) 'receive

	if str1 = "Client sending test string" then
		?"server.prg test is successful"
		?"server.prg test FAILED"
	end if

	sleep 200

	close #1
	Print "Server Closed Sockets. Server Exits"

end program

The example corresponds to commit SHA-1: ada143a7f402e6bbad24c13c56401a5393ce3d2b in GIT.

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