Motion Project Example: Cartesian Robot

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This example project shows how to define Cartesian robot properties using softMC Configurator and how to make a circular movement with the robot.

Download Example Files

Overview Download
Download the ZIP example project file, extract all the files, and then use ControlStudio to open and run the example project.

Refer to the file descriptions and instructions below.


System Setup

The example uses the following system:

  • softMC 7
  • Three CDHD drives connected to three linear motors
  • Cartesian robot (XYZ)
  • Computer with ControlStudio and softMC Configurator.
  • Example files - Programs, setups, properties and more (See below for descriptions)
  • Wiring as shown in the image below:

cart 1.png

The motor parameters are calculated according to the manufacture specifications in the Excel file.

When using drives other than CDHD, you must insert the motor pitch value, provided by the motor manufacture, to the softMC Configurator, to obtain a suitable Position Factor.

softMC Configurator - Setup

Use the sofMC Configurator to open the example mcfg (cartXYZ.mdfg) file.

For more information on how to set up Cartesian robot parameters using softMC Configurator, refer to 3-Axis Group Setup in EtherCAT Network.

ControlStudio - Program Execution

Use ControlStudio to open the example .apj (cartXYZ.apj) file.

Once all required files are uploaded to your controller, use the ControlStudio terminal to enter the following instructions and run the example:


-->reset all
-->load AUTOEXEC.PRG   'wait until the program terminates
-->load CIRCLE.PRG
-->Stas CIRCLE.PRG     'when the program ends, you can find motion record file (CIRCLE.REC) in the controller

File Descriptions

User Files
File Name Description Upload to Controller
Properties table Excel matrix that contains data for setting up your robot.
Note which data you need to import from your system.
CONFIG.PRG MC-Basic program that defines the basic data required for ControlStudio and sofMC Configurator operation. +
HOMING.PRG Executes a homing procedure for each axis. +
AUTOEXEC.PRG Executes startPRG.PRG program and HOMING.PRG program. +
CIRCLE.PRG MC-Basic circular movement program. +


softMC Configurator Files - DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES
File Name Description Upload to Controller
AX_SETUP.PRG Axes parameters setup program +
CANSETUP.PRG CANopen communication parameter setup program +
EC_CDHD.LIB EtherCat communication function and subroutine with CDHD library file +
EC_USER.LIB EtherCat communication function and subroutine library file +
ETHERCAT.LIB EtherCat communication function and subroutine library file +
ECCONFIG.PRG EtherCat configuration program +
EC_SETUP.PRG EtherCat communication setup program +
RobLib.LIB Robot function and subroutine library file +
ROBOT.PRG Robot parameter setup program +
STARTPRG.PRG Program that runs all other softMC Configurator programs +
cartXYZ.apj Project file - used to load an existing project from ControStudio
cartXYZ.mcfg Project file - used to load an existing project from softMC Configurator
cartXYZ.dat General project files