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This property is used to specify the element link to a moving frame.

Tracking feature enables the user to follow position of a Moving Frame.

The moving frame represents a coordinate system, defined by the user, relative to robot’s world coordinate system. The user has to set a limited area on which the robot will track. This area is the operation region or the working frame.

That at the time of the Moving Frame assignment the robot kinematics

limitations values are taken for the future use during tracking process.


<ROBOT>.MasterFrame = <moving frame>


Since Version 3.6.20


Moving frame


NONE string


Task or Terminal


The moving frame robot type must be equal to the group robot type. The

linking must be done when tracking is disabled. Robot must not be in

tracking (slave = 0) when the MasterFrame is assigned. Inserting “None”

disconnects the linking.

Valid for robot only.

If issued from task - Robot must be attached.

Write only property. Modal only.


XYZR. MasterFrame = CNV

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