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When a Cartesian movement is commanded (with MOVES or CIRCLE), the Cartesian motion limits (acceleration, deceleration, velocity, etc.) need to be adjusted by the system in the way that the joint limits are not exceeded during the motion. This adjustment before the motion execution is called "precomputation". Because the precomputation is not a trivial task, several approaches with different cost of CPU time are implemented in the system.

The DEFAULT mode is only for Cartesian motion commands (MOVES, CIRCLE). It considers only the joint velocity and acceleration/deceleration limits and leads to reasonable results as long the motion is far away from singularities. This mode uses very little CPU time for the precomputation task.

The DYNAMIC mode is a new approach to which considers the motion dynamics (IDM) in the precomputation. Cartesian motion limits are adjusted with respect to joint velocities, acceleration/deceleration, jerk and torque limits. This mode uses an iterative algorithm which very strictly obeys the joint limits but results in a relatively high computational cost .

Dynamic precomputation can also be used in combination with joint/axis motion to consider the torque limits.



<element>.PrecomputationMode= <value>


Since Version 4.9.11




  • 0 = NONE
  • 1 = DEFAULT
  • 4 = DYNAMIC




Task or Terminal


  • The Dynamic Precomputation mode can only be used together with the Time Based Profiler (PROFILERTYPE = 2).