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Its parameter equal to <axis>.PROCEDURECHANGEBIT .

It is changed from 0 to 1 when a SERCOS procedure terminates when completed or when an error occurrs during procedure execution. SERCOS procedures are initiated by writing the value "3" to the relevant IDN. The procedure state is queried using the IDNSTATE query.

The procedure change bit is generated by the SERCOS amplifier and appears in bit number 5 of the amplifier’s status word.

The procedure change bit is used to determine when procedure execution has terminated. After termination, the procedure must be cancelled.

Short form

PCB( )


?ProcedureChangeBit(<drive address>)


Since Version 4.5.15




<drive address>: 1 to 254

Returned value   : 0 or 1


Configuration, Task or Terminal


  • Read only
  • SERCOS ring is closed  (Phase 2 or 4 according to procedure condition)
  • Not supported in EtherCAT system


WriteIdnValue Drive = A1.Dadd  Idn = 99 Value = 3          ‘Start Procedure

While ProcedureChangeBit(A1.DAdd) = 0‘Wait for procedure to  terminate

End While

If IdnState(a1.dadd, 99) <> 3 then               ‘Check how procedure terminated
       Print “Reset Faults procedure failed”

End If

WriteIdnValue Drive = A1.Dadd Idn = 99 Value = 0           ‘Cancel Procedure

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