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This function returns the state of a specified procedure command from a specified drive. It is used when executing a procedure command to determine progress of that procedure’s execution. Common procedures are 99 (clear faults) and 148 (drive-controlled homing). The value returned indicates the state of the procedure, as:
       0: Finished or Not started
       3: Done
       5: Interrupted
       7: Running
       15: Error

After starting a procedure, wait until the state has changed. This can be checked via drive status bit 5 or <axis>.PROCEDURECHANGEBIT. Check the state of the procedure to know whether it is done or whether an error has occurred. A procedure is interrupted only if it is cancelled during execution.

Short form



?IdnState (<drive address>, <IDN>)


All versions


<drive address>: 1 to 254
<IDN>: 1 to 65535


Task or Terminal


  • Read only.
  • May be executed only in SERCOS communication phases 2, 3 and 4.
  • The IDN must be defined.
  • Not supported in EtherCAT system


WriteIdnValue Drive = A1.Dadd Idn = 99 Value = 3           ‘Start Procedure

While A1.PCB = 0                                      ‘Wait for procedure to terminate

End While

If IdnState(a1.dadd, 99) <> 3 then               ‘Check how procedure terminated
       Print “Reset Faults procedure failed

End If

WriteIdnValue Drive = A1.Dadd Idn = 99 Value = 0           ‘Cancel Procedure

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