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The JOG command moves an axis at a constant velocity. The TIMEJOG property specifies the time (in milliseconds), at which the deceleration of the axis begins. This property may be set to -1 to give an infinite time jog. The jog velocity is specified in user units, according to the velocity factor of that axis. The profile generated by the JOG command decelerates at the default rate, if the jog velocity had been reached and at the DMAX rate if the jog velocity is not reached by the time the TIMEJOG time expires.

An axis being jogged returns to zero velocity before the next motion command is executed (unless the STARTTYPE of the next command is IMMEDIATE). The optional properties that may be used are ACCELERATION, DECELERATION, STARTTYPE, SMOOTHFACTOR , JERK, VELOCITYRATE, ACCELERATIONRATE, JERKRATE , DECELERATIONRATE. The properties are used in the following manner:

<Property Name> = <value>

The permanent value is overridden for the duration of the jog.


Jog <axis> <velocity> {TimeJog=*


All versions




<velocity>: -VelocityMax to +VelocityMax
<time>: -1, Greater than zero. <time> is rounded to the nearest integer multiple of the SERCOS cycle time.


The default <time> is given by the TIMEJOG axis property, which has a default of -1 (infinite time).


Task or Terminal


Write only. In a task, the axis must be attached to that task.


Jog X-axis 200 TimeJog=20 Acceleration = 1e5

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