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The following example demonstrates the setup of a serial connection with softMC.

The program opens COM2 and waits for at least 3 bytes to arrive. Then it sends a message "done" and closes connection.

common shared str1 as string
common shared iteration_counter as long = 0
common shared time_counter as long = 0


		close #2
	catch else

	end try

	Open COM2 BaudRate=115200 Parity=0 DataBits=8 StopBit=1 XOnOff=1 As #2

	while (loc(2) < 3) and (time_counter < 120) ' allow 120 seconds for system start up to complete
		sleep 1000
		time_counter = time_counter +1
	end while

	str1 = input$(loc(2),#2)

	print #2, "done" 
	sleep 100

	close #2

End Program

The example corresponds to commit SHA-1: ada143a7f402e6bbad24c13c56401a5393ce3d2b.

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