Program Examples:Helical Interpolation

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This article demonstrates the use of CIRCLE command to build helix. This example is based on the previous example of Cartesian XYZ group.

Double helix demo


First, attach the group and enable the motors:


Go to initial position:

    Moves #{50,0,0}
    Delay 10
    Sleep 100

First helix from X=50,Y=0,Z=0 up to x=50, Y=100, Z=100 means helix around line at X=50,Y=50 of 540 degrees:

    Circle Angle = -(360+180) CircleCenter=#{50,50,100}

Move parallel to X axis for 100 mm:

    Moves #{150,100,100}

Second helix from X=150,Y=100,Z=100 down to x=150, Y=0, Z=0 means helix around line at X=150,Y=50 of 540 degrees:

    Circle Angle = -(360+180) CircleCenter=#{150,50,0}

Return to the initial position, and detach from the program:

    Moves #{50,0,0}