Motion Project Example: Scara Robot simulated

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The following example show how to set a simulated Scara robot properties using softMC Configurator and how to make Pick and Place method using it.
Scara Simulated

Download Example Files

Description Download
It's recommended to download the example ZIP file, extract all the project files, open project with ControlStudio, and run the example by yourself. You will find files description table bellow (4.1). The instructions will be listed below. Download.png

System Setup

In this example we used the following system:

  • softMC 7 (you can also use simulated sofMC).
  • Computer with ControlStudio, softMC Configurator and RoboDk.
  • Example files - Programs, setups, properties and more. You can find files description down bellow (4.1)

The motors parameters calculate according to the manufacture formulas as it's appear in the Excel file, although it's simulated system.

softMC Configurator

To upload the example setups to your sofMC Configurator, open the example .mcfg file from the softMC Configurator.

After creating all project files with softMC Configurator or upload an existing project, you can run your simulated scara robot from ControlStudio or from the softMC Configurator itself.
In this example we will execute Pick and Place program with MC-Basic program, from ControlStudio terminal.

For more information about how to setup Scara robot parameters using softMC Configurator - look here

Running The Program and Simulate With RoboDK

To upload the example setups to your ControlStudio, open the example .apj file from the Controlstudio.
When all relevant files upload to your controller, and you opened and connected the RoboDK file as explain HERE, use the following code, from ControlStudio-terminal to run the example:

-->reset all
-->load AUTOEXEC.PRG   'wait until the program will terminate, and connect between RoboDK model and ControlStudio (as explained).
-->load PnP.PRG        'Load Pick and Place program  
-->Stas PnP.PRG

Files table With Description

User Files
File Name Description Upload to Controller
Scara Properties Excel matrix that contain the information that you need to setup your robot.
Notice which information you need to import from your system.
CONFIG.PRG MC-Basic program that define the basic data so that ControlStudio and sofMC Configurator will work. +
AUTOEXEC.PRG Execute startPRG.PRG program and SERVER.PRG program. +
PnP.PRG Basic "Pick and Place" movement program. +
SERVER.PRG Communication program between ControlStudio and RoboDK file. +
Scara01_Simulated.rdk RoboDK file. +

softMC Configurator files - DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGE
File Name Description Upload to Controller
AX_SETUP.PRG Axes parameters setup program +
CANSETUP.PRG CANopen communication parameter setup program +
ECCONFIG.PRG EtherCat configuration program +
EC_SETUP.PRG EtherCat communication setup program +
RobLib.LIB Robot function and subroutine library file +
ROBOT.PRG Robot parameter setup program +
STARTPRG.PRG Program that runs all other softMC Configurator programs +
Scara01_Simulated.apj Project file - allowed to load an existing project from ControStudio.
Scara01_Simulated.mcfg Project file - allowed to load an existing project from softMC Configurator.
Scara01_Simulated.dat General project files