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For every number degree of freedom the user has to delimit its region by UpStreamand DownStreamlocations.

UpStream sets points that define the lower boundary of the moving frame tracking   is an array of points (in robot units) . Each the array’s element is a limit definition of a given degree of freedom (array index). The size of the array is the moving frame’s number of degrees of freedom. Upstream is the low boundary of the region. The Downstream is the upper boundary of the operation region. The upstream and downstream units are from the moving frame system units (both are from the same units).

The up/down stream limits are used for scaling position in the robot coordinate system. Those values are absolute in the robot word.


< Moving Frame >.UpStream[ ] = <position value>


Versions 4.0.26 and higher


Array of Locations


Array size is according to NDOF


According to the moving frame type


Task or Terminal


The number of points must be as the number of independent axes in the moving frame. Must be set before linking.


Common shared A as location of XYZR

Common shared B as location of XYZR

Common shared C as location of XYZR

CNV.ndof = 3

CNV.UpStream[1] = A

CNV.UpStream[2] = B

CNV.UpStream[3] = C

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