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The DownMaster sets points that define the upper boundary of the movingframe

tracking  as array of points. Each the array’s element is a limit definition of given degree of freedom (array index). The size of the array is the moving frame’s number of degrees of freedom. It is used to calculate the transmission rate computing the scale ratio used to calculate the current moving frame position inside the working window. The position is relative terms to the trigger position and it is in master position units.

Querying the value will return the original value given by the user and not the current used value which is offset by the trigger position.

The UpperMaster and the DownMaster, define the region for every independent axis (source). The boundaries value has to fit to the followed axis, as it is defined in MasterSource property (command / feedback / external).


< Moving Frame >.DownMaster[ ] = <position value>


Versions 4.0.26 and higher


Array of  Doubles


Array size is according to NDOF

Each value according to its axis source type (position, counts or robot type).


Position in Moving frame system unites




Task or Terminal


The number of points must be as the number of independent axes in the moving frame.The UpMaster has to be set before start tracking.


CNV.ndof = 3

CNV.MasterSource= a1.pcmd , a2.pfb, a3.pext

CNV.downmaster[1] = 10000

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