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Selects which blending method (algorithm) which is to be used.

  • 0 – no blending
  • 1 – CP (continuous path, defined by CP value)
  • 3 – AI (advance interpolation)
  • 4 - CP (same as 1, just instead of distance CP blending is defined by percentage with BlendingFactor )


When Blending Method is set to 3 only MOVE, MOVES and PASS motion commands are allowed and either MOVE or MOVES depending on the current value of PassInterpolation. The pass-interpolation can not be activated (BlendingMethod assigned to 3) if there is currently executing motion.

Note that by changing BlendingMethod value from 3 to any other (0,1,2) clears all previously stored points of AI path.

Continues path or CP method is very useful blending method in cases where continuity and velocity smoothness are required. In CP blending method user can be assured that maximum space velocities will never been exceeded. More than that the originally given path will be always followed. In this method the segments middle point will be always part of the blended path. Only two consecutive motions can be blended together. This presents the distance from the target point on which the blending (second motion) begins. The system automatically limits this value to the half of the segments length.

The fast – superposition blending allows user to blend motions at any point of time starting from initial point of the movement up to the target. This blending mode is not limited by the combined actions of the two motions. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of the user not to blend together motions that in combination produce velocities or accelerations out of allowed system limits. An additional feature is the blending ability to swap movements when the second is finished before the first, in this case we have continuous blending of the first and the third movement.


? <element>.BlendingMethod
<element>.BlendingMethod  = <value>


Since Version 3.6.20




0 to 4




Task or Terminal


The combination of CP <> 0 and FINAL VELOCITY <> 0 is not  allowed.

  • (unless bmethod=1 and cp = 0 or bmethod=2 and bfactor = 100).

In case of AI :

  • If other motion commands are entered (CIRCLE) an error will be returned and the command will be not executed.
  • If modal value of starttype is set to immediate or super immediate an error will be returned.


A1.BlendingMethod = 1

G1. BlendingMethod = 1

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