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This command writes the data from the preliminary declared Double Type Array to a specified element of an IDN to a specified drive. The number of elements to write is limited by <size> parameter. This function works only for IDNs containing more than one Double Type value in array method .

<element> is optional. In general, only element 7 is used (default).

Short form



WRITEIDNVALUEARRAYDOUBLE Drive=<drive address> IDN=<IDN number> Value=<Double_type_array_name> Size=<array elements number> {Element=<IDN element number>} {Ring=<ring number>} {Connection=<connection number>}


Since Version 4.7.12 for SERCOS III


<drive>: Long
<IDN number>: Long
<value>: Double Type Array name
<size>: Long
<IDN element>: Long
<ring>: Long


<drive>: 1 to 254
<IDN number>: 1 to 65535
<IDN element>: 1 to 7
<size>: 1 to maximal array element number
<connection>:0 to 2 for normal systems (0 = chose automatically, 1 = first AT connection, 2 = first MDT connection)


<element>: 7


Configuration, Task or Terminal


  • Write only
  • Executed only in SERCOS communication phases 2, 3 and 4.
  • The IDN must be defined.
  • The Double Type Array must be declared preliminary.
  • <size> parameter should not be more than maximal number of IDN array elements .
  • Not supported in EtherCAT system


Example For Bosch Rexroth drive:
-->common shared DoubleArr[10] as long 
-->WriteIdnValueArray Drive=ax1.dadd Idn=<IDN number> Value=DoubleArr size=4 

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