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Invocation of Basic interpreter via virtual (internal) entry station.

Pass to a string the virtual entry station (CLI) and get a response. When VESEXECUTE is executed, it sends the command and waits for the response. While waiting for the response, it reads all the incoming messages from the VES message pipe.

It discards all the non-relevant messages that it reads. This means that if an ASYNC message is printed to the VES message pipe while the VESEXECUTE command is waiting for the response, the user will never get this message since the VESEXECUTE deletes it.

VESExecute returns the first 512 characters of the response string

Return value
Response or Error message. Valid reply has prefix “D:”, while error response has prefix “E:”

Multi-line commands via entry station

Short programs can be transferred via entry station as strings. Multi-line program strings can be assembled by concatenation of single-line command strings. Each single-line string should be terminated by CRLF (carriage return - line feed) characters.


<string var name> = VESExecute(<string expression>)


Since Version 3.7.x




Only from task context


?VESExecute(“dir *.prg”)
str1=VESExecute(“Load “+var2”)
Example for a multi-line command
Dim Str as string

  Str = Str + "Program" + chr$(0xd) + chr$(0xa)
  Str = Str + "Dim Var As Long = 10" + chr$(0xd) + chr$(0xa)
  Str = Str + "Print Var" + chr$(0xd) + chr$(0xa)
  Str = Str + "End Program" + chr$(0xd) + chr$(0xa)
  Print VesExecute(Str)
End Program

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