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TRY…END TRY is used to trap synchronous errors. A synchronous error is one caused by the user task and detected by the interpreter. This type of error is associated with a specific line of program code in the user-defined task. Examples include division by zero and out of range parameters in a move command. The TRY block is used to take specific action with relation to a particular area of the program code. It may be used within an OnError or OnSystemError block.
Can catch user errors using .num property of User Error.


Try             ‘ Start of Try block
       <code being Terminaled>
       {Catch <Error Number X>
                   <code to execute when error X occurs> }
       {Catch <MyError.num>
                   <code to execute when MyError occurs > }
       {Catch Else
                   {code to catch allother errors} }
                   <code to execute only if error occurred and was trapped> }
End Try                  ‘ End Try block


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Nesting of TRY blocks is allowed on condition that the nested TRY appears only within the Catch block. The GOTO instruction is allowed within a Catch section, but the referenced label must be within that section.

If the catch clause throws itself again, it should not be caught by "Catch Else" or "Finally"instructions.


common shared appError1  as error "Application error"  20561


' come code
  catch 8001
' division by zero
  catch appError1.num
  Print "Application error"

 end try

end program

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