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Starts task execution from the beginning of the task. Priority sets the priority level for task execution. The highest priority is 1, which causes the task to run after all realtime tasks have run. The lowest priority is 16. Tasks with the same priority level run via a round-robin procedure, which gives equal time to each task. A low priority task cannot interrupt a high priority task. If a task is killed, it can be restarted with this command. A task can be started and specified to run for a number of execution loops, then stop.

The terminal operates at priority level 2. If a task is started at priority level 1, the command line is not operable until the task ends or until it releases the CPU.

Short form



StartTask <task> {Priority=<level>} {NumberOfLoops=<number of loops>}


All versions


<task>: File specification, including file name and extension.
<priority level>: Long
<number of loops>: Long


<task>: The file must exist on the Flash Disk.
<priority level>: 1 to 16
<number of loops>: -1, 1 to MaxLong. The value -1 continuously runs the task.


<priority level>: Priority set by the LOAD command.
<number of loops>: 1


Task or Terminal


Is not executed if the <task> has started.


StartTask MAKECUT Priority=3 NumberOfLoops=3         ‘Run 3 times

StartTask Task1.Prg Priority=8 NumberOfLoops=-1           'Runs Task1 forever

StartTask Main.Prg NumberOfLoops=1                              'Run Main once

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