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Creates a file with the name given in the string expression. The name should be in the form, *.prg. It stores values of the global variables specified with type/robottype in a standard MC-Basic format. The stored file is in automatically executable format: Program Continue/Terminate Program. Are enclosing the values assignments.

If a file with such a name already exists, it will be renamed to a *.bak file. If the *.bak file already exists, it will be rewritten.

ROBOTTYPE definds the type of robot point variables , defined by TYPE.

It's useful only with TYPE, specified as robot Locations or Joint variables.

Use APPEND to add new lines at the end of the original contents of the file.

Use NEW to overwrite the previous file.


SAVE FILE = <filename string> TYPE = <variable type> {ROBOTTYPE= <robottype>} {VARIABLENAME= <variable_name string>} {MODE= <APPEND or NEW>}


Since Version 3.7.x


<variable_name string> = any regular expression using "*" and "?" signs for filtering the name list (same as DIR).

< robottype>  :                    XYZR, - Three cartesian axes + roll

XY – two axes XY table

XYZ – three axes XYZ system

XYZYPR - X-Y-Z-Yaw-Pitch-RollUnits         N/A


Configuration, Task, Terminal


SAVE file=”all.prg” type = all  MODE= APPEND

SAVE file=”points.prg” type = Location robottype = XYZR  MODE= NEW

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