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Command that moves the robot focus to the limits of the next-item in the trigger queue. Each tracked item defines a moving window that is relative to its trigger position. It is defined by UpMaster, DownMaster and trigger position values For the current master position value of master axis -  Pmaster( pcmd, pfb or pext) - the up & down limits of the current moving frame window will be:

Lower Limit:        Pmaster > UpMaster+TriggerPosition

Upper Limit:        Pmaster < DownMaster+TriggerPosition

When the master position exit the current window an error is generated. When issuing this command while tracking an object, the current window’s boundaries will be updated to the boundaries defined by the next item in the trigger queue.

Number of items in the queue will be reduced by one in one of the next events - exiting the tracking process (slave=0) , item exits the window limits, or issued NextItem commands.


NextItem <robot> { MasterFrame = <master>}


Since Version 3.6.20


Task or Terminal


Write only . The command is relevant only after a trigger. If the NextItem command is issued while the slave=0 then the current item will be discarded (both position and limit) and next will be taken instead (means just delete the current item in the queue) If the NextItem command is given and there are no available trigger items in the queue, an error will be returned.


NextItem SCARA

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