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This command causes data to be loaded from a file into a CAM data structure. Any existing data structure, associated with the specified cam table, is erased. The CAM data structure ose available for use only after the entire process of loading the data is complete. ControlStudio allows you to add a CSV CAM file to your project. It then converts it to binary format automatically when the project is loaded.

The monotonicity of the master data is checked. If the data are not monotonic, the data are still loaded, but a message (severity note) is given.

Short form



LoadCamData <filename> <cam>


All versions


<filename>: File specification, including file name and extension
<cam>: cam table (defined using COMMON SHARED…AS CAM)


Existing cam table name.


Configuration, Task or Terminal


Cam table cannot be in use. The CAM data file must have the .CAM extension.

The data in the file must be binary, double precision floating point, and arranged row by row. The data must be in Intel format.


LoadCamData Cam_Data.CAM MyCam

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