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The HOME command is not supported in EtherCAT and CANOpen systems. For information on homing, refer to Program Examples: Homing

This command starts the home procedure in the drive. It implicitly sets the axis into following mode and starts the homing move. HOMEVELOCITY and HOMEACCELERATION are the values used during the home move. The type of move is determined by the HOMETYPE property. The offset and distance are determined by HOMEOFFSET and HOMEDISTANCE. In simulation mode, issuing a homing procedure flags an error. During the homing procedure, the following flag is locked to the user. When the procedure is finished, the following mode can be changed.


Home <axis>


  • All versions.


Task or Terminal


  • Write only
  • Axis must be attached, enabled, not moving, and not a slave
  • Not supported in EtherCAT system


Home a1

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