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ASC returns an ASCII character value from within an ASCII-8 string, and the Unicode value from within a UTF-8 string.

<return value>: corresponding ASCII character code from a specified  character in an ASCII-8 <string>, or to the Unicode value of a specified  symbol in a UTF-8 <string>.

<string>: string expression from which the character is to be picked. If the sting is empty, the function returns the value 0.

<index>: optional real value defining the position in <string> of the ASCII-8 character or UTF-8 symbol to select. The first ASCII-8 character or UTF-8 symbol of the string is selected if the index is omitted or has a value of 0.




All versions. Available for UTF-8 string since version 4.5.10


<return value>: Double

<string>: String

<index>: Long


<return value>: 0 to 127 for an ASCII-8 <string>, 0 to MAXLONG for a UTF-8 <string>

<string>: String

<index>: 0 to MaxLong


Configuration, Task or Terminal


Read only


--> ?ASC("example",3)

9.700000000000000e+01              ‘returns the ASCII code for the letter "a"

--> ?ASC("example")

1.010000000000000e+02              ‘returns the ASCII code for the letter "e"

Common Shared UTF8Str as String of UTF8

UTF8Str = UTF$(196) + UTF$(197) + UTF$(198)



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