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The basic Web Server allow you to store "static" page at softMC as light html files, PNG files, DOC files etc.
The communication between softMC and Web Server will be slow. In case you want to improve it you should get WebAPI for softMC, which required license.
This manual show you how to store and access your "static" file using Web Server.

Access Default Page

At your softMC there is already installed "Basic Web Server".
The following steps show how to access it:

  1. Run your softMC and your computer, on the same network.
  2. After softMC running, open your browser, and insert softMC IP address at the address line:
    WEB 1.PNG
  3. Press Enter and you will access to the default web server page:
    WEB 2.PNG
  4. This page allow you to send Mc-basic commands to softMC, as ControlStudio terminal do.

Upload Files

As mention, you can store your files at softMC and access them by using your browser.
To do so, you need to install Bitvise software. This software function as basic file manger, that let you control softMC file.
Steps to upload files:

  1. Download and install Bitvise from here Download2.png
  2. Make sure softMC running and that your computer is on the same network as softMC, and open Bitvise.
  3. At Login section, insert the relevant information, according to your sofMC setting - IP address, port, username and password:
    WEB 3.PNG
  4. Press Login button. Two windows will open - command line window, and file manger (Bitvise SFTP).
  5. using the file manger window you can put your files on softMC. Notice - to be allowed to open your files using web browser you must locate them on WWW folder!
    WEB 4.PNG
The default "open file" command sets to open html file which called "index.html". in case you want to open your html file by default save your file under this name.

Simple Example

In this example we upload to sofMC a basic html file.
You can find the Example files here: Download.png

  1. Upload to softMC the example files, as explain before:
    WEB 5.PNG
  2. At your browser address line, refer to web server address, from "WWW" folder:
    WEB 6.PNG
    Press Enter.
  3. Notice - because we choose to name our example html file "index", the web server automatically opens our file (as explained) :
    WEB 7.PNG
  4. In case you want to open other file name or format, at your browser insert file name as showed, and add file name and it's format:
    WEB 8.PNG
    Press Enter.
  5. The file will open at your browser:
    WEB 9.PNG