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CODESYS Installation


Please contact SERVOTRONIX in order to get the following files:

  • ‘mc-’ - contains the firmware upgrade for softMC Multibus CODESYS
  • ‘codesys_drivers_2.ipk’
  • ‘softMC_1_0_0_1.compiled-library’
  • ‘Configurator_archive_0.4.17.4.bndl’
  • ‘SN_UAC.LIB’

Please follow the steps below:

Part 1:

1. Open ControlStudio.
2. Connect to softMC.
3. Please type in the terminal:

Check the ‘Maximum number of axes’.
Please send a picture of the information.

4. go to:

Tools -> Firmware Update -> choose 'mc-'

5. During the Firmware Update the MC will reboot twice.
6. After first installation, please go to:

Tools -> Firmware Update -> choose 'codesys_drivers_2.ipk'

7. During the Firmware Update the MC will reboot twice.

8. After the process ends, please check the new version by typing in the terminal:


Now you should see (among rest):

  • Version number:
  • Features: CODESYS:0x61131

9. Please provide:

  • Hash number
  • Serial number
  • Maximum number of axes (from before the upgrade – after the upgrade it should be zero until installation of the UAC).

10. Once you provide these details, you will receive UAC (User Authorization Code) and further instructions.

Part 2 (When UAC is provided):

1. Open ControlStudio.
2. Connect to softMC.
3. Send SN_UAC.LIB to softMC by dragging it into File Manager.

         Loadglobal SN_UAC.LIB 

5. Use the following function ‘?Set_SN_UAC_Files(byval SN_str as string, byval UAC_str as string)' :

         ?Set_SN_UAC_Files(“your serial number”, “your UAC”) 

5. Reboot the machine.
6. Check sys.information to see maximum number of axes.


  • When upgrade is finished, you can use the ControlStudio Configurator to create the XML file (device description file).
Please use the Configurator training guide in the website.
  • In CODESYS: Please install the ‘softMC_1_0_0_1.compiled-library’ into Tools -> Library Repository (one time installation).
  • In CODESYS: Please install the device description file (created by the Configurator) into Tools -> Device Repository (when using a new XML file).


Task Reference delivered by SERVOTRONIX Status
Firmware to support CODESYS for softMC EtherCAT MC FW installation files (.IPK/.ZIP) STX: provide FW zip file

CUSTOMER: install CODESYS Runtime and send:

  • Serial number
  • Hash number
  • max number of axes

STX: provide UAC number

Install ControlStudio with Configurator configurator_archive_0.4.17.4.bndl Download from website
Run Configurator User manual: softMC_Configurator_Setup_Training_Rev.1.0.pdf Download from website
XML file for Device Repository Created by ControlStudio Configurator
softMC.compiled-library for CODESYS softMC_1_0_0_1.compiled-library Download from website – version
CODESYS examples files for basic operation of softMC w two CDHD FLIP_FLOP_FBD.project









Download from website

CODESYS - Procedure

Below is a scheme of the procedure for using CODESYS with softMC: