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softMC multi-axis motion control firmware provides the features and performance required of today’s multi-axis controllers, and is designed for easy integration into motion control systems as well as simplicity of use.

softMC provides extensive programming capabilities for a variety of automation and robotic applications. softMC has motion and robotics functionalities for both standard robot types such as Delta, PUMA and SCARA, and non-standard robotic kinematics, such as traverse and scissors. Customized software solutions can also be designed for customer‘s hardware.

Gearing and Camming:

  • You can slave any axis to any master. You can enable and disable gearing at any time. The softMC also supports simulated axes, which can be master or slave in gearing and camming applications and incremental moves run by any axis, master or slave, at any time.

softMC GUI Documents firmware version Table

Following table present all softMC available items in term of language version and web site

Help Description EN CN DE Web site
On line help web based help (Servotronix wiki) Y Y Yes
Documentation/Manuals Description EN CN DE Web site
softMC 301 Flyer Promotional flyer 2018 1 1 1 Yes
softMC 702 Flyer Promotional Flyer 2018 1 1 1 Yes
softMC 703 Flyer Promotional Flyer 2018 1.2 1.2 1.2 Yes
softMI HMI Flyer Promotional Flyer 2018 1 1 1 Yes
softTP Teach pendant Flyer Promotional Flyer 2018 1 1 1 Yes
Product Presentation Product Presentation 2017 4 No
Features and Functions According to the various categories of controller functionality 1.3 Yes
Installation Guide softMC 301 Hardware installation, configuration and operation 3.3 Yes
Installation Guide softMC 702 Hardware installation, configuration and operation 3.1 Yes
Installation Guide softMC 703 Hardware installation, configuration and operation 1 Yes
Installation Guide softMI HMI Hardware installation, configuration and operation 1 Yes
Installation Guide softTP Teach pendant Hardware installation, configuration and operation 1.2 Yes
Motion API Ref. Manual interface your machine controller with the softMC motion controller 1.0 Yes
Simulator - User Guide procedure for installing the softMC Simulator 1.2 Yes
Training Modules 11 Modules for softMC 1.0 Yes
Mechanical drawing File format Ver Web site
softMC 702 2D; PDF, DXF 3D; EPRT IGS STEP 1 Yes
softMC 703 2D; PDF, DXF 3D;3D; EPRT IGS STEP 1 Yes
GUI (software) Description EN CN DE Web site
ControlStudio ControlStudio is a graphic user interface packaged enable setup, configuration and
writing programs to the softMC.
CS - ControlStudio, CFG - Confgurator, MB - Modbus configurator
CS 1.3(build3, sp 9)
CS 1.3(build3, sp 9)
HMIStudio graphic user interface packaged to build your HMI interface 2.4 Yes
TeachStudio Teach pendant graphic user interface packaged to direct manipulate robot required license 2.9.9 2.9.9 No
Software and Examples Description EN CN DE Web site
API softMC Windows KMAPI DLL 32 bit 1.2(build1, sp 1) Yes
TP lib Teach pendant library for TeachStudio TBD Yes
Tool Chain softMC 7 C compiler and linker 2011.03.1 No
Simulator Software software package that allows you to work on a simulated softMC using only a PC Yes
Bundle for softMC 301 702 Configurator bundle repository Yes
Bundle for softMC 703 Configurator bundle repository Yes
Libraries and examples for softMC Communication, Motion, CAM and more libraries and programs examples *.LIB and *.PRG Yes
Library for CODESYS softMC Library for CODESYS Yes
CODESYS Examples CODESYS Project Examples, Flip Flop motion label machine in LD ST FBD 5 Yes
Firmware Release Description Ver Web site
Firmware softMC 301 For CANopen and the EtherCAT module No
Firmware softMC 702 Motion bus: Multi bus, CAN and EtherCAT “B” No
Firmware softMC 703 EtherCAT “E” No
Maintenance Customer only
Description Ver Web site
Firmware softMC 702 Motion bus: CANopen “C” No
Firmware softMC 702 Motion bus: EtherCAT “E” No

MC-Basic Language

See MC-Basic Language

MC-Basic Language Compiler

The softMC uses MC-Basic, a language interpreter that semi-compiles commands so they typically execute in less than a microsecond. MC-Basic has familiar commands such as FOR…NEXT, IF…THEN, PRINTUSING, PEEK and POKE, as well as common string functions such as CHR$, INSTR, MID$, and STRING$. It allows arrays of up to 10 dimensions, with full support for double precision floating-point math.

MC-Basic is extended to provide support for functions required for motion systems control, such as point to point moves, circular and linear interpolation, camming, and gearing. In addition, it supports multitasking and event-driven programs.

Command and Property Categories

Each function opens a page with a list of links to all related MC-Basic commands and properties.

MC-Basic Language System

softMC Simulator

softMC Simulator is a software package that allows you to work on a simulated softMC using only a PC, without requiring any other hardware.

The package has three components:

  • VirtualBox. An Oracle product, this is a cross-platform virtualization application for x86-based systems.
Cross-platform means it installs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris x86 computers. Virtualization software means that you can create and run multiple virtual machines (VM), running different operating systems, on the same computer at the same time.
Since the softMC is a Linux-based system, the Oracle VirtualBox allows you to simulate the softMC on a PC.
  • softMC Controller Simulator (called softMC SIM). This is the virtual machine that simulates the softMC.
  • ControlStudio software by Servotronix. This is a development tool for motion applications. It contains a programming editor, data recorder, debugger and monitoring tools.
This is the same software that is used with actual hardware. If it is already installed on your PC, you do not need to reinstall.

To download the software and installation instructions, go to the Downloads|Simulator section on the webpage:


The softMC is a fully multitasking system in which you can create multiple tasks and multiple elements (e.g., axes) that operate independently of one another. The API supports multiple applications communicating concurrently, thus allowing you to write one or more applications that have access to all of the tasks and elements.

The softMC supports multitasking of up to 256 tasks, running at up to 16 different priority levels. Each task can generate OnEvent(s), for code to be executed upon occurrence of events, such as switch tripping, a motor crossing a position, or just about any combination of factors.

User Communication

Ethernet and serial ports are used for ASCII data transfer. Non-printable characters are sent using CHR$. Data access is stream-oriented. There is no data framing. softMC Basic applications gain access to either a raw serial port or a TCP socket. The TCP socket guarantees error free data transfer, while the serial port does not offer error recovery. The transmitted data does not have any meaning in terms of directly controlling the softMC.

User communication provides the basic features of serial and TCP/IP data communication, which is not limited to a specific communication protocol, enabling the use of any protocol over serial or TCP/IP through a softMC application.

Refer to: Communication

Technical Support

If you need assistance with installation and configuration of softMC, contact technical support: Technical Support