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This property is used for enabling and disabling the master-slave mode of operation. The specified element is slaved to an element defined by the MASTERSOURCE property.

0 (OFF) - element is not slaved
1 (GEAR) – Axis is slaved in Gearing mode (axis only)
2 (CAM) – Axis is slaved in Camming mode (axis only
       3, 4, 5 –Conveyor Tracking modes :

3 - start tracking in Absolute Tracking Algorithm mode(robot-only)

4 - arming Relative Tracking Algorithm (robot-only)

5 - start tracking Relative Tracking Algorithm mode (robot-only)

To stop the Conveyor tracking process set 0.Tracking process can be stopped due to the following reasons:

� Moving Frame position (here) exits the window boundaries

� User issues slave = 0.

� Robot exits its working envelope.

Note - Position error accumulates when the axis is put into Gear mode (AXIS.SLAVE = GEAR) while the master is already at speed. When this happens, the velocity of the slave axis ramps to that of the master and, during this time, its acceleration is limited by the value of ACCELERATION. The MASTERSYNC property indicates when the velocity of the slave axis has reached the velocity of the master axis, and the SLAVELAG property returns the accumulated position error

Note - As in gearing/camming the stop command given on the tracking element will disengage the tracking (slave=0). Changing slave value from 3/5 to 0 automatically decreases current trigger counter (NOI).


<element>.Slave = <expression>



All versions




0 to 5




Configuration, Task or Terminal


  • Cannot be changed during motion command  execution.
  • To set the value within a task, the element must be attached to that task (using the ATTACH command).
  • Values 1 & 2 (slave/cam) are valid for axes only and value 3/4/5 is valid for robots only.
  • Tracking can not be started (<ELEMENT>.slave=track) if the element is disabled or if one of its axes is disabled.

Also it can’t be done if the element is stopped by another task (same as gearing and camming) or one of its axes is stopped by another task. In these cases an error will be returned.


A1.Slave = Gear

R1.slave = 3

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