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SYSTEM.VOUT write or queries one or more of the 32 virtual outputs. When SYSTEM.VOUT is qualified by a bit number, only that output bit is written. SYSTEM.VOUT returns the value 1 or 0, depending on the value of the current state of the digital outputs. Virtual outputs are stored in the DPRAM and are retrieved by the Host.


Sys.VOut{.<bit number>} = <value>

System.VOut{.<bit number>} = <value>

?Sys.VOut{.<bit number>}

?System.VOut{.<bit number>}


All versions


A query returns a Double value. When setting outputs, the value is Long.


0 to MaxLong  (232 –1, 0x FFFFFFFF) When a single bit is being accessed, the       argument must have the value 1 or 0.
<bit number>: 1 to 32


Configuration, Task or Terminal


  • Not supported in EtherCAT system
  • If used as PLS output, the behavior is undefined
  • DPRAM exists only in SERCOS II version of Motion controller.


System.VOut = MyVar        ‘MyVar is written to the output word

SYstem.VOut.3 = MyVar    ‘MyVar is written to output bit number 3 and must have a value of 0 or 1

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