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softMC 3

softMC 3 CANopen with stepIM

softMC-3 Networks stepIM CAN v4a.png

softMC 3 CANopen with CDHD

softMC-3 Networks CDHD CAN v4a.png

softMC 7

softMC 7 CANopen with stepIM

softMC-7 Networks stepIM CAN v4a.png

softMC 7 CANopen with CDHD

softMC-7 Networks CDHD CAN v4a.png

softMC 7 EtherCATwith CDHD

softMC-7 Networks CDHD EtherCAT v4a.png

Secondary Encoder

Some application requires an external encoder (secondary encoder).
To be able to use secondary encoder device - Differential A/B encoder only - user have to connect is to C3 interface in the CDHD:

secEn 1.png


To activate secondary encoder function it's necessary to set drive GEARMODE to 3 (and SAVE this setting) using ServoStudio

The external position is monitored by the drive in all operation modes - position, velocity and torque

When secondary encoder is active, one can read it's position through EtherCAT object 0x20B6 sub-index 0.
By mapping this object to PDO (using softMC Configurator) encoder position can be monitored using <axis>.pext command.


In this example we assume that axis 1 has external encoder connected to it's CDHD drive

This simple example print each second axis position according to the secondary encoder:

program continue
    while 1
        call axisExternalPos
        sleep 1000

end program

public sub axisExternalPos
    print "a1 external position is: " + str$(a1.pext)

end sub