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This property is Similar to 'task.STATUS' but the difference is that the task name is referred to as a string, therefor could be manipulated for any need.
This query returns the status of a task that is loaded in memory. The information returned will be in the following format:

State <state>: <description> Error <last error number> Source <line of source code>

From returns "Main program" line number, which represents the first frame in the function call stack
State <state>: <description> Error <last error number> Source <line of source code> Main program <line of source code>

where <state> is one of the following:

1: Running

2: Stopped (due to IDLETASK)

4: Stopped due to run-time error

5: Terminated.

It can be seen momentary that state at:
1. Terminate program
2. Unload

7: Ready (after LOAD)

9:  Task Kill Start .

10: Killed (after KILLTASK or END PROGRAM)


?TaskStatus("<Task Name>.<File Type>")

Availability and newer




Returned value: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10


Read/Write, Configuration, Task, Terminal


  • The task must be loaded in memory.
  • task name and type (PRG/UPG) defined as a type of string.


Dim Shared MyTask as string = "<TaskName.PRG>"


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